Welcome to Rainbow Aquatics

Our goal is to be in the sports arena - standing upon "life-giving" - PRINCIPLES, SPECIFIC ATTITUDES, VALUES & BELIEF SYSTEM - whereby honesty, determination, perseverance, endurance and teamwork reflect towards being A WINNER, no matter what you face, or go through, knowing too, that ADVERSITY BUILDS CHARACTER, although it is not easy or enjoyable.

Whom are Rainbow's Catering to?

We cater to those who love swimming, irrespective of swimming standard or performance.

Other Information

Rainbow Aquatics is a swimming club/squad which is situated in Colombo 7. It is a squad where a young bunch of swimmers meet on a daily basis to practice and have fun at the same time. These swimmers are guided by triple time Olympic representative and fifteen time gold medal winner at SAF games, Mr. Julian Bolling.

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Rainbow Aquatics

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